4 races

From the most to the less demanding…

All the races will take place on Saturday June 23rd 2018 in Les Hautes-Rivières (France).


93 KM
4 800 m D+
  • Start at 5:00 a.m.
  • 5 points UTMB©
  • 7 refresments (3 light solid)
  • 4 time limit
  • Lot participant + lot finisher
  • Meal offered
  • Limited to 500 people
52 € until 2018-04-01* Register

* 62 € until 2018-05-01, 72 € until 2018-06-13


54 KM
2 800 m D+
  • Start at 8:00 a.m.
  • 3 points UTMB©
  • 4 refresments (2 solid light)
  • 2 time limit
  • Lot participant + lot finisher
  • -
  • Limited to 500 people
39 € until 2018-04-01* Register

* 49 € until 2018-05-01, 59 € until 2018-06-13


27+27 KM
2 800 m D+
  • Start at 8:00 a.m.
  • -
  • 4 refresments (2 solid light)
  • 1 time limit
  • Lot participant
  • -
  • Limited to 200 teams
25+25 € until 2018-04-01* Register

* 30+30 € until 2018-06-13


12 KM
555 m D+
  • Start at 10:00 a.m.
  • -
  • 1 refresment
  • -
  • Lot participant
  • -
  • -
12 € until 2018-04-01* Register

* 15 € on site


For our friends hikers and walkers, hiking will be also organized. Further news very soon…


Practical infos:

A unique adventure

in the French Ardennes Massif

The story began in 2009… A very small number of runners from Athletic Bélair Club (Charleville-Mézières), passionate about outdoor races and ultra-trail launched the incredible project to organise a fabulous trail in the Ardennes, involving 80 Km of running and nearly 4000 meters of elevation… The adventure Ardennes Mega Trail was born.

The 4 races of the AMT, from the less to the most demanding go through single and forest tracks. Most of them are unknown and run alongside the Meuse & Semoy valleys. A unique immersion in the heart of the Ardennes!

You were more than 1400 participants in the last edition in 2017!

Paysage des 4 Fils Aymon © Thierry Michel

Goals and values

far away from « the sport business »

To promote

The trail running in The Ardennes. The beautiful landscapes bordering the valleys of the Meuse & Semoy will be highlighted. Slopes such as « Les Dames de Meuse » or « La Côte de Madagascar » are sometimes so sleep and of course so difficult that they easily compete with the legendary mountain races even with the hardest..

Help you to discover

the richness of the industrial heritage of our « Department » and the Ardennes legends. The route gives the opportunity to go through a forge at dawn and leads you to the outstanding sites of « Le Roc La Tour » or « les Quatre Fils Aymon » …


local associations, teams for social reintegration, goodwill from all backgrounds. The last edition in 2017 involved more than 270 volunteers!

See you on 23 june 2018!

Stéphane Laidie

Jean-Claude Sant

Every year, the Athletic Bélair Club reward the first woman and man, finisher of the AMT, who live in the Ardennes. A price to honor Stéphane Laidie and Jean-Claude Sant, they were deeply involved in organizing but they tragically disappeared whereas they were practising their sporting passion.

Training sessions

Whether or not you are registered for the AMT, don’t miss the opportunity to come and train with us and discover different parts of the route. Moreover it’s totally free!

And we’ll give you the best way to complete the preparation. So, in just one week-end, you’ll have the possibility to link not one but two training sessionsOFF! We call it « Week-end CHOC ». It’s a very important moment of course to run. « Week-end CHOC » but also for other many reasons

Download rules of our training sessions


11 March

± 20 km (4h)


7-8 April

On 7 April 7th:
± 20 km (4h)

On 8 April 8th:
± 22 km (4h)

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Join the adventure « Ardennes Mega Trail » and support a significant event in the Ardennes.
You are also benefiting from exceptional visibility before, during and after the day of the event.
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